Saturday, 10 March 2007

Why North London is Nice - Happening Bagels

Now people can get very snobbish about Bagels (or beigels or b'aghels or whatever the hells) You have the authentic Jewish folk swearing that Golders Green is the place to go, whereas all the hipsters in their uncomfortable plimpsoles imply that to buy your breads from anywhere other than Beigel Bake on Brick Lane is tantamount to buying the Take That album in a completely un-ironic fashion or complaining about your plimpsole induced bunions.


The best place to buy bagels, and more importantly chollah and lots of cakes (bagels stuff you up something rotton anyway) is clearly the Happening Bagel Bakery in Finsbury Park.

You will have to fight your way past mulitple road crossings where traffic including many busses will appear from twelve different directions in a rather speedy manner. You will have to do this without looking anyone in the face, due to the rather large population of rudeboys (see above), grumpy old folk (also above) and Turkish Mafia members (probably in the Beemer) but then oh glory of glories! You will be inside the mecca to all that is flour based Jewish fare, all that is Arsenal, and the red and white buns that are both flour based AND Arsenal!

Bagels are like 20 pee and a giant chollah costs £1.70 but I recommend the massive cake slices that cost £1, even if the icing is a bit crap and tastes kinda banana-ry.

Happening Bagel Bakery - it's generally raining outside and the woman who serves you can be a bit grumpy but otherwise it is one of the best shops in Laaahndaaahn Town!

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