Monday, 5 March 2007

The Search for the Holy Grains

Oh how I love this cereal! Yes, it is very sugary, but it contains fruit and a hell of a lot of fibre (more than the high fibre cereal, fact fans!) This would be an appropriate juncture to start waffling on about my bowels, and more specifically my preoccupation with them, but frankly I have already alienated most of my friends at one point or the other, or, far worse, they have started to talk about their bowels. This forces me to come to the conclusion that bowels are a bit like dreams in that yours are fascinating, but everyone else's are incredibly boring, unless they directly feature you. (dreams that is, not bowels. Although THAT would be interesting)

Anyway, the point for my ode to chocolate Mornflakes is that they are a bit like Warburton bread, i.e so readily available 'oop north' that they are practically part of the Yorkshire anthem - God save our gracious Toastie Bread, in it's paper pa-ackets. And the Mornflake cereal na na na na na I predict a Riot Morrisions breadcake eeeh oop ta love - but you cannot get them in London!

I almost got to the point of ordering some of the tinternet today, it was only the flatmate who stopped me and rightly pointed out that payin £6.50 postage for a load of chocolate flavoured oats is beyond stupid. So I am instead going on a pilgramage to Holloway Road in the vain hope that their downmarket supermarkets might yield some joy.

Man, the crazy crazy life I lead.

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