Sunday, 16 September 2007


Now I love Hollyoaks in much the same way as I love my novelty alarm clock shaped like a cat - it's hilarious, cheap, crap, pretty to look at and has an infuriating jingle. In fact, the only thing I love more than Hollyoaks is the photos the cast have to pose for to illustrate the stories of the week for the various tv listings magazines.. observe:

So here we have Rhys perving on Hannah's ear in the harrowing plotline that culminates in 'Pushing Brain' a late night Hollyoaks special featuring British tv's first simulated earfuck while other cast members get it on rather implausibly in soft focus to somehow pad the action out to half an hour, and Michaela and that guy whose name I can't remember in the episode where she rehabilitates him back into society via the medium of salsa after his repetitive wanking injury. Duh. Worth a thousand words people..

Well anyway, the rather marvelous has taken these photos and parodied lolcats in a way that is either utterly amazingly fantastic or completely incomprehensible, depending on how up on your low culture you are:

So simple, yet great!