Sunday, 31 May 2009


Oh dear, you will note I have not posted much of late. Work has been pretty busy and this has inevitably lead to me coming home pooped and wanting to do little more than sit slack jawed with my brain in the 'off' position, in front of some programme where they waste a huge steaming piles of food in an attempt to shame some fatty into losing weight.


In the meantime, as I have been SOB-ing now for about two years, why not check out some of my fabulous archives for a wide variety of witty-if-sub-par articles on things as diverse as

* Accidentally offensive junk mail

* My Alma Mater's hacked Wikipedia entry

* "I do not like Sarah Palin as her name is a combination of Pain and L which sounds like hell"

* A vitriolic rant against purveyors of pastel casual wear

* How to bury a hamster in a gardenless flat. A user's guide.

* Piss off the one you love with a teacoster

* It's safe to say you will never need to go to Colindale after reading this. (Unless you have an infection)

* The Great Pelican Conspiracy of 2008 part one and two

Enjoy bitches! I'll be back before you knows it! x