Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Don't Take Drugs and Scootch are C**ts

It's been a while...I have been mainly writing *cough* watching The Wire *cough* and myspace's bulletins being all rubbish didn't help either, but now! I am back! With an anti drugs video by my personal Jesus PeeWee Herman!

You think they would have got someone whose programme targets a sliiightly older age group...I don't think I knew what crack was until I was about fifteen (not in a losery way, I knew what most drugs were, but crack and smack always had me stumped)

Now of course I'm a raging crack-ho.

In other news EUROVISION OUTRAGE!!!1!!!1!!

I am well pissed off that Big Brovaz didn't even get down to the last two with their most excellent song 'I don't know what the hell they are singing about but it sounds a bit like Yeah by Usher and that is no bad thing'.
They even got voted as best song by the Euro jury in the audience but nooooooooo the gay/student mafia who run Eurovision seem to think we might have a chance with fat man, gay man and two girls dressed up as flight attendants and doing a dance rountine made up by 3 year old boys in a playground.

I do admit that having a speaky bit that goes 'get your duty free vouchers ready' is a rather good touch, but 'do you want anything to suck on for landing?' DEAR GOD John Inman would be spinning in his grave were he not probably buried yet because he died only last week.

Big Brovaz were good singers and even came across as credible rappers (John Barrowman - "Well we had a rapper last year and look how we did" Yes, we did John, a fat white man in a tracksuit named after a washing powder. That is barely cool in Chorley let alone in the Czech Republic, seriously he could have been singing...Yeah by Usher and still not won)

This year everyone else is going to be trying to do a Lordi and the UK could have gone in a different direction by putting in a GOOD pop-rap song but noooo they're going to hark back to the 1980's with costumes and dancing, forgetting that yes, Eurovision is camp as hell, but only for us! Those little Europeans think it is a classy affair.

It's a little bit like when all your classmates discover Take That and Boyzone and you still come into school with your 'Sooty, Sweep and Sue Sing Nursery Rhymes' tape.


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