Thursday, 22 March 2007

In Defence of Binge Drinking - An essay.

I took this photo on the sly whilst holidaying in Berlin a while back. Is it wrong? (the child drinking beer, opposed to me taking photos of random children whilst on holiday which I freely admit is a bit disturbing)
I suppose you could say it will build wee Gunther's tolerance or something, but I find tolerance changes pretty quickly - a month off drinking after a tooth extraction meant two large glasses of wine could totally floor me.

Then again , I suppose more people in Germany (and europe) drink for pleasure opposed to the Great British Tradition of one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor, get up, have a pitcher of Sex on the Beach, two beers and an aftershock, dance on a chair, floor again, floor some more, vomit.
Then again, dancing perilously on a chair to Beyonce whilst shaking your arse so violently that drinks go flying and you end up with lower back pain for two days afterwards is marginally more fun than sitting outside a cafe for hours coherently discussing world politics on a seat that leaves a waffle print on your derriere.

I mean, alcohol tastes like vinegary piss anyway, so you might as well reap the benefits non?

reaping benefits

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