Thursday, 15 March 2007

Person of the Day - New York

Don't you just love how she rocks the 'broken neck and arse for a chest' look? The tampon string adornment is just genius!

New York was a tranny-liscious contestant on 'Flavor of Love' a show where Flavor Flav of Public Enemy put girls through their paces in his search for his ideal woman.

What this actually meant is that Flav and twelve mental fame-hungry ho bags all live in a house together, bitching, sniping and gobbing at each other whilst Flav pretty much gets to shag each of them, shout 'Flavor Flaaaaaav!' really loudly at random intervals and spend the rest of the time sniggering whilst said bitchfighting happens.

New York came second, but stood out from the other girls, not only because she apparently TRULY HONESTLY WITH ALL MAH HEART (much chest pounding and tears)loved the senile rasin that is Flav, but because she openly admitted (all the time) she hated the other girls and shot them looks of death whenever Flav decided he wanted to have a snog/grope their arses/make hideously crude comments which was pretty much most of the time.

I particularly liked it when her Mum visited to meet Flav and turned out to be the most down-to-earth, anti-reality tv woman ever. She also said what the viewers had been thinking all along:

"Honey he is a 46 year old man who wears a giant clock around his neck. It doesn't even have batteries in it. Come on now."

I should actually be making New York's dragon of a Mum POTD, but she would not have been so great had she not given birth to the most deluded, unwittingly hilarious, fame-hungry, fabulously transvestite looking daughter in the world EVAH.


Emz said...

I disagree that New York's mum was down to earth - my most vivid memory of her was her frequent and cruel comments re NY's weight and fattist name-calling. No wonder she is a bit strange when even her mom thinks she's a freak. From a psychoanalysis view point i would say that she has experienced so much criticism and rejection even in her home life that she has turned to seeking fame in an attempt to compensate for this - if her momma doesn't love her then surely FLAVE will?!!

Biche said...

Awww psychoanalysis always buggers up a perfectly humerous character assassination! Nah, you're right the mum was awwwwful,but at least ole NY got her own dating show and hilarious photoshoot in Blender out of it! xx