Thursday, 8 March 2007

Person of the Day - Al Franken

Just watching a documentary on him now, he is basically like Michael Moore but a Michael Moore who doesn't obviously distort his facts so much and is a hell of a lot more likeable.

He is a radio DJ, writer (see left) and standup comic and I think he is now running for senate or something somewhere too.

I quite like the fact that Fox News sued over this book (fair and balanced is their news trademark) but the case was laughed out of court because Franken's book is pretty much as impartial as their news output i.e not at bloody all.

He is one of those people who is constantly being attacked by rabid republicans but always manages to come back with good humour AND win the argument. As one who tries to use this technique all the time but gets so caught up in being a wit that the whole point is totally lost, I have great respect for him. For mainly this reason therefore he is my official P.O.D (not that that means much as the only other person to be awarded this accolade so far is Yahoo Serious)

Wiki-wiki-wah should you desire more info (its well annoying how I can't work out how to make the linkage bits a brighter colour. Click on the Wiki anyway)

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