Friday, 23 March 2007

Photo of the Day - Shooting Down Scenesters With Looks of Steel

Oh! Oh! I wish this photo had come out clearer! Does anyone know the Queen of Dirty Looks in the blue top? I wish to buy her a drink for services in putting wankers in their places. The only other significance of this photo is that is highlights the penchant 'scene' kids have for dirty white plimpsols. I remember having a massive tantrum when I was 12 because my mum forced me to buy white dunlop trainers from John Lewis for P.E when all the other kids had nike and adidas. Now these tits walk around in these rubbish white shoe-things whilst I walk around in these badass trainers which not only fully support my arches but keeeeeep it reeeeeeeeel
p.s I am aware I am missing the obvious point of the freaky arm, but as I happen to have a similar problem with my appendages, I am choosing to ignore it. Is it a lack of vitamin D in childhood? Crap genes? In any case, having an arm that points 45 degrees away from where you initally intend to point can be useful. Unless you are directing a ship. Or a person. Ok, it's good to hang bags off...

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