Wednesday, 21 March 2007

If You Click This Link You Will Lose Any Semblance of What You Call a Life


On this site you can sit on your fat arse and watch tv all day (assuming you have broadband, but in these enlightened times, who doesn't?) and there are hundreds of shows to choose from, and, at time of writing, pretty much all the links work.

As possibly mentioned SEVERAL MILLION TIMES I have sat and watched an entire series of The Wire over a disturbingly small amount of time, and am now resisting the temptation to start series two before I have written at least half my novel for fear that I start writing in the style of a Baltimore gangbanger, but even the strongest mightiest writer *cough* unemployed person *cough* cannot resist the temptation to watch Aqua Teen Hunger Force every so often...daily..hourly..

Actually TV links is good in that it does root me to my chair for hour upon hour, which, although a completely sedimentary exercise (apart from the other day when I was doing squat exercises; not easy as the laptop screen goes from dark to light depending on the head-screen ratio) it does prevent me from noodling around the kitchen all day snacking on cashew nuts and nutella out the jar ad nausium.

Dear God I just found a popcorn kernal stuck in my tooth from last night! So much for my sonicare electric toothbrush, the shit.

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