Saturday, 17 March 2007

Uncharacteristic Moment of Phwoooar

Now those who know me know I am completely uptight and British when it comes to matters of attraction - indeed the most you will usually get out of me is a 'hmmmm nice eyes' or 'oh I must put the kettle on' whilst my compatriots dool, holler or put on a mockney accent and go 'I'd do him mate, he's well fit' (Christy* thou knows who thou art)
However, this is Dominic West and he is very fine AND he's a Brit in an American drama (the Wire) putting on a yank accent, which is up there with 'hmmm nice eyes' and whatnot in the uptight anglo assesment of buff ting-ness.

So there.

*This is a clear provocation to see if Christy ever actually reads my blogs because she always says she hates my shameless self promotion so that she deliberately doesn't. She's too busy doing the Lambeth walk and having a butcher's hook with her mince pies at all the Brad Pitt fellers dahn Old Kent Road.


christy said...

RUDE! and SO not true. well, not quite true anyway.
and i only read it because you mentioned me in your bulletin. :P

Soph said...

ah-ha ha ha ha! Christy smells of bum

Biche said...

Sophie, that is very mean of you!

Knaggsy said...

Well, it is true though..