Monday, 26 March 2007

The Stuff You Stumble Upon, eh?

This is an arial shot of Woburn MA (be damned if I can be arsed to spell that state)

Did you know that in Woburn it takes an average time of 23 minutes to travel to work?

30% of Woburnians have never married?

The most common industry for men is construction (12%)?

There are 71,662 books in Woburn Public Library?

There are 8 people in homes for the mentally ill, but only 2 in religious group quarters (not much of a group eh?)

0.3% of all households are gay households?

I particularly like that they feel the need to colour blue, underline and bold the fact that there
According to our research there were 5 registered sex offenders living in Woburn, Massachusetts in early 2007

And to think I got all of this because I typed the name 'Eric Bogosian' into google. (he was born in this illustrious town in 1953) Thank you internet, for you have enriched my life and saved me from rambling on about how I find a ranty Jewish actor who is old enough to be my father strangely attractive..

Anyway, should you wish to know more about Woburn MA (I haven't even mentioned average daily temperatures let alone the number of children in Woburn Public School) you can do so by clicking HERE

P.S If someone who knows someone from Woburn, or even better is from Woburn themselves, please comment me - it will make my bloody week!

p.p.s It's the eyes see, the eyes!

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