Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Oh For the Love of Maneki Neko!

I actually think I want the above object more than I have ever wanted anything in the world ever. Ever (except a small rubber cow, but that is a long story) There used to be one when I worked at Ha Ha and dispite my constant wheedling and hinting I wasn't allowed to nick it, regardless of the fact it was hidden away in the upstairs office.

I do collect Maneki Neko, although in a particularly lame fashion whereby I find one, deem too expensive and not buy it. I also appear to suffer from involuntary alturism spasms whereby someone who is half interested says something along the lines of 'huh cool.' and before I know it I have shrieked 'Oh cool! Have it!' and thrown it into their greasy mits. Collecting does not come easily to me.

Mind you, as collecting random crappy objects go they are not too bad - they're meant to be good luck and guard your home from badness should they be facing a door and it is true, so far I have not dropped dead, been made bankrupt or been particularly unlucky *touch wood*

Actually it would be nice if there was a specific one for good luck in the job market. Or one that helped you make your mind up about what to do with your bloody life. Or one that eradicated Indian Meal Moths from your kitchen. I suppose I will HAVE to go to Oriental City in Colindale to try and find seems to make so much more sense than going on productionbase or paying Rentokil hundreds of pounds.

Should anyone feel sufficiently moved by my tales of wheedling and being an upstanding citizen by not stealing from the crappy bar I worked in, they could buy the Asahi Cat off ebay for me.. HERE! *

* well, it's worth a go...remember that woman who had bought too many shoes so she made a website and stupid people gave her money?
I'll even give you a tip in return - Pearson's in Wood Green shuts down on Sunday and there is a fare bit of bargain madness to be had - I got 6 nice big wineglasses that twang when you flick them in a suitably quality manner for £5! You will get torn to shreads by shrivelled old ladies and muslim women with their 40 children in tow, but it's worth it!

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