Wednesday, 7 March 2007

The fine art of the 'come-hither'

I am writing a novel at the moment, so may be a bit less frequent with the hi-larious anecdotes about my bowels, Britney Spears and general rubbish at the moment, but fear not! I will keep writing the blog.

Not exactly sure why I am posting this, seeing as I think this is mainly an exercise in me talking to myself without feeling like a loony rather than a site that is read by, well, anyone really, but still (it is a bit misleading, the number of profile views is not the number of time the blog has been viewed so there is always the possibility I have lots of regular readers who don't need to double check what my favorite film is everytime they come visit...although if they did exist, they could comment, the fuckers)

Annyway, here is a little video I told Robin about today...

Occasionally someone tries to be sexy but ends off acting slightly creepily (you know, the licking the lips, the 'come-hither 'eyes which can also be read as 'I want to gut you with a spoon') , this is sooooo far into the creepy side of sexy that it made me want to staple my bum shut and sellotape my mouth over...just in case Samwell changes his orientation (not that is seems likely)

See now THIS is how you should make music about being a fun-loving young man about town...

I wish those late night ITV adverts were like this video, rather than those lame blonde girls who can't read autocues and also appear to have learnt from the serial-killer school of sexiness. What is it with people today? I would kill to be shot a good 'come-hither' once every so often across a crowded pub... although being that they are smoky crowded areas, sore eyes, spilling of pints and crushing of toes are a regular occurance and everyone is pretty much always squinting to some end or another. Sad.

Actually I think if someone did give me the eye I would probably interpret it as 'he is givin me eeevils' and then spend the rest of the evening sulking into my wine.

It really is a shock to find out I'm single, isn't it?

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