Friday, 9 March 2007

Fucked Up Shit of the Day

Do you remember Jonathan King, the music producer who was jailed for kiddy fiddling a few years ago? Count yourself lucky if you don't because he is an utterly creepy repellant man. Anyway, he has now been released and has somehow slimed his way back into the recording studio to record this abomination where he basically condones and glorifies his EVIL WICKED PAEDO ACTIONS (capitals courtesy of the Daily Mail) and somehow managed to liken his ordeal at being locked up for abusing children to being pursecuted by the Nazis. I believe the choice phrase "pursuading the young that love is wrong" says it all.

Actually I didn't watch to the end, it was too annoying/enraging/assulting on the eardrums, but gold stars to those who do!

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