Monday, 18 February 2008

Announcement - Blogging the Brits Makes a Glorious Return!

A big 'hello!' to the 2,854 people who have visited this blog since it's birth on Valentine's day last year.. yes, most of you stayed for less than one second, yes, most of you appeared to come after putting 'slimatea' or 'powerplate' into google, but I love you all the same!

As I am currently hideously uninspired and in possession of a new laptop I wish to use for something other than facebook and photoshopping my friends' heads onto animals (don't ask) I have made the momentous decision to *unneccesary drumroll* blog the Brit Awards! Again!
Looking back at last year's post it would appear that Orson won something, Joss Stone had stupid hair and Fearne Cotton was EXCITED. I wonder what joys this year will hold...

You can read my old Brits blog entry HERE, then prepare yourself to come back on Thursday morning and marvel at how one person can become so unfunny over the course of a year.

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