Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Photo of the Day - Heroin Chic

No, it is not particularly current, undiscovered or kitsch, but I just re-stumbled these photos that show a girl's descent into homeless druggy hell over a fifteen year period.

And being something of a portrait photo geek, I find them completely fascinating.

Looking on the tinternet it appears she might be called Maria Ramos, but there appear to be quite a lot of people rather unfruitfully trying to find out if this is true.
Presumably because they have the aim of hunting her down to make a hugely inconsequential channel 4 documentary about drug abuse, obviously complete with sober sounding voiceover and grainy B&W stock footage of New York dubbed with police sirens and women's screams to pad out the two minutes footage they have of some police officer shrugging and going "Who?" and some crackhead going "Who? Oh she dead. You gotta dollar?"


p.s Is it me, or is it suprising that Stella Vine hasn't recreated these mugshots in huge daubs of paint yet?

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