Friday, 29 February 2008

Hilarious Holy Moly Rip Off Of The Day..

I am loath to just post things on here that I have read on other sites, as funny although they may be, it isn't exactly 'good form'. That said, this has to be the most brilliantly hilarious headline I have ever seen on a trash mag (barring 'My Son Was Re encarnated as a Fishfinger' from Chat Magazine 2006 sometime) so I felt I could break my self imposed rules.

There was actually another OK! clanger featuring dear old Kerry a few months ago which went along the lines of 'Oh No! I'm Pregnant Again!'; less instantly funny, but came into it's own once you imagine the Katona kids in years to come comparing each of their Ok! headlines:

Molly - Well I have 'My Baby Joy'!
Lily - Not as good as 'We're Overjoyed.. a Sister for Molly'
Heidi - I like my 'We're so Happy, Now Our Family Is Complete'
newsprog - I hate you all.

Yes yes, I know the names of all Kerry's offspring.. so shoot me!

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