Thursday, 14 February 2008

Thai Green Envy

The Guardian, who I would usually expect a little better from, have decided it is high time they followed the the progress of a 19 year old middle class twat called Max Gogarty on his gap year as he wastes his parents money piddling around India and Thailand looking to 'have a good time'

I find this incredibly irksome for several reasons:

1) Don't tell me he doesn't have a relative working at the Granuiad. Thousands of idealistic young kids must send in the article proposal 'I will go travelling and blog my experiences', and no doubt a small fraction were actually really good writers looking for a break*, so why him? Oh right, a quick search of the website brings up Paul Gogarty, travel writer for the same publication. Nepotism much?

2) Anyone with a facebook aged between 18 and 30 will be already inundated by hundreds of hysterically boring and samey accounts of Khao Pi Pi, jungles, buckets and full moon parties not to mention thousands of photos of the above things. By people they actually know. And they are still boring as fuck.

3) I have not been, but I get the impression that Thailand is occupied by one ladyboy, an old lady selling alcohol in seaside buckets and half of the Home Counties loudly braying, boozing and taking hundreds of photos of each other in bikinis. Before going over the border to Cambodia to take a jolly photograph of themselves posing with a machine gun on the Killing Fields. What fun!Maybe if he was going somewhere remotely interesting, unexplored or, lets face it, unexploited, it might be more interesting. Like Iran.

4)For those of you who may consider number 1 a bit unfair, you can read Max's first blog HERE.. Yeah he's not even a particularly interesting writer. It's just so...obvious. And absent of similes or any other allusions (if we are going to get technical) that might make it more amusing or imaginative. What humour that is there seems to come from his variations of the word 'shit'. Oh ho de ho.

So in conclusion, I am very disappointed in the Guardian and until they give me my own blog, where I will recount my far more interesting, unexplored and humorous experiences as I travel to Oxford Circus and sit at my desk daily for three months, I will not be appeased**.

*Not the Biche, it has to be added.. I never got around to sending in my proposal

** If anyone knows anyone at the Guardian please forward this post on to them. With an added request to kick Paul Gogarty in the shins.


Anonymous said...

Having read that blog at the Guardian, I have to say I could almost forgive the nepotism (we all use what advantages we can get, and life isn't generally fair) if it had been any GOOD.

Which, it wasn't - in fact it was beyond lame, and totally deserved all the vitriol it generated - in fact, some of the sharper comments on there have quite restored my faith in human nature.

Still I found your blog off it, so not a total washout. :)

Anonymous said...

Your bloig is not well written either, to be fair.

Biche said...

my 'bloig' is not well written? GPWM there.. nah, I am quite aware that grammar is not my friend, but fortunately imagination is my live-in lover and together we get by.