Monday, 18 February 2008

Someone Has Too Much Time On Their Hands..

...apart from me. Observe in all it's glory, the Wikipedia entry for Edd the Duck (most hilariously tenuious bits in bold):

"Edd the Duck (originally Ed the Duck) is a popular puppet mallard duck with green hair who appeared on the Children's BBC "The Broom Cupboard" in-vision continuity alongside (human) presenters Andy Crane and Andi Peters.
He made his debut in late 1988, originally with a bald head until a viewer sent in a
mohican-style hairpiece, which became his trademark. His co-star and enemy was Wilson the Butler, a character who was off screen apart from his arm visible to the viewers.
Edd the Duck starred in a number of
pantomimes and short films along side actors including Bill Oddie and Gorden Kaye. One of his best-loved films shows how be became a zookeeper at Twycross Zoo and fed the chimps at their tea party. Another of his films shows how he trained to be a top chef and made afternoon tea for the Queen and in another he learns to fly a plane and serves crusty bread, pond weed and pizza to his duck passengers.
His ambition is to be a Blue Peter pet.
Edd the Duck also starred in two computer games from
Zeppelin Games. He was the official mascot of the English competitors at the 1994 Commonwealth Games as well as being adopted as the official mascot of the British Olympic team.
Edd the Duck released his own single, "Awesome Doody!" in 1990 - after receiving singing lessons from Sonia, who advised him to use the rap genre.
I'm hip, hop, happening and I'm totally gonna die,
I'm Edd the Duck and I'm an awesome doody!
Edd the Duck is also a great fan of
Kylie Minogue who popped in to visit him in the Broom Cupboard.
A theatrical duck, Edd parodied Warren Beatty's character, appearing in a yellow raincoat as Duck Tracy with his mute friend as Quackless Baloney.
Edd the Duck was also found responsible for the phenomenon of "Quack Circles" after the growing prevalence of
crop circles across the country. These were yellow circles with the word "quack" written on them and it was not until they appeared with increasing frequency and even on the BBC symbol before Neighbours that Andi Peters realised Edd was responsible.
Edd the Duck had his own cartoon strip in a BBC magazine. He was also parodied in a cartoon strip called "The Garbage man", which appeared in short lived British comic
Edd's birthday is 1st June, but he is perpetually six years old."

I reckon the main suspects are either Andi Peters or some man with a cold, cold hand who spent the 90's crouched under a desk with his head in Andi's crotch.

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