Thursday, 14 February 2008

Hilarious Two-weeeks-too-late Joke of the Day

Jeremy Beadle requested that his ashed be scattered over his vegetable garden at home.
New for ITV's Autumn line up: ' Watch Out Beadle's a Sprout'

Look yeah, I had a whole post planned on the Beadle; full of anecdotes of how I watched it behind my BBC employed parents' backs and that I never noticed his little hand and had to actually go look it up on the internet after singularly failing to get a load of 'on the other hand..' jokes. But it just sounded totally lame so I canned it.

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mog said...

Hi there - just came here from the Guardian (wouldn't you know).

There're a couple of commenters on there who owe me a new set of lungs to replace the ones I've ruptured.

About Beadle and his miniature hand: I have always been jealous of that because it must have made his dick feel really big every time he had a wank. Ahhh ... if only eh?

I couldn't say anything on the Guardian - I've been banned three times and had all my comments removed each time. See no point in bothering again. They really don't like straight talking