Monday, 4 February 2008

Braindead Biche

Sorry, slightly knackered and uninspired after a rather hectic weekend, but in recognition of Australia Day, which was errrrm, a while ago, here is a chickenburger shaped like the land downunder where women hurl and men chunder.

And here, is a photo from the weekend that I plan to blow up, frame and then us as Christmas cards next year. Behold! A bit of Toblerone on the floor of the tube. What composition! Observe how the nougart speckles are complimented by the pattern on the floor and the thatching of R's shoe. See how the shape of the chocolate is reflected in the triange of the upper right hand side! Note the perspective of the lines of the floor broken up by the triangle of chocolate, which points directly at the foot of the shoe!

How did it get there? It was the Victoria Line so perhaps someone travelling home from Heathrow got a bit hungry. Who will pick it up? What will become of it? Does anyone care? Who noticed it apart from me? Would they still remember it now? Could we apply these questions to our own lives, as we travel endlessly and annonymously on the tube?

There you have it folks, your life, summed up by a bit of discarded chocolate.*

*yeah yeah, shut up at the back..better entry tomorrow I promise

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