Monday, 26 February 2007

"You are a vain little girl who takes dinosaurs for granted"

It dawned on the the other day (as taking featured pills) that they really are vitamins for the shallow. I mean, most multi vitamins are sold upon the premise that they will make you all healthy and able to run around town juggling mini people, hi-fiving young children and clicking your legs as you jump over burst water mains ad nausium, but these pills are purely to make your external womenly features more glossy strong and shining...sod internal beauty!

Well, it worked on me!

In other events of minor interest to a few people, Danny visited me this weekend to see if the streets of London really were paved with gold and if it's true we spend half our lives underground in tunnels where the dust of thousands of people's dead skin blinds us as we wait for trains and turns our bogies black (no and yes btw)
During the weekend I found out something shocking...Danny, and most of the people he knows have never seen a dinosaur!

It was then I realised that we Londoners (and presumerbly Edinburghers) take occasionally wandering into a museum and seeing piles of black bones sometimes assembled into the shape of a giant dead thing totally for granted. I can't even remember the amount of times I have seen dinosaurs, and not once do I remember thinking 'wow, these bone have been around since the beginning of time blah blah blah' I usually think 'how can I take an amusing photo of Christy looking pissed off next to said giant heap of bones? (observe)

I feel a bit bad now, especially as we took Danny to the Science Museum where all we did was wander around in a sea of small children (annoying), see crap pictures of what we would look like as the opposite sex (ugly) then go to the shop (tamagotchi)

So now I am officially unemployed, but still have one glorious day left on my weekly travelcard, so may go on a madcap journey to Primark because someone's sister's friend said the one in Wandsworth is good, and to be honest I'm not too bothered about spending all day underground in the skin wind. I have the new LCD soundsystem album to listen to and it puts off gym for a day, so why not?!

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