Monday, 19 February 2007

Progammes that are great, yet generally ignored.

The first in an occasional series...

Ok, maybe ignored is the wrong word as it is one of the most popular progammes in America (barring I Love Raymond, Martha Stewart, Oprah and all those programmes for lobotomised housewives) but here in the UK it is shunted to ITV2 at 11pm on a Sunday, which is really shoddy as it is the closest thing to a male version of Sex and The City there is that isn't a pile of mysogynistic crap. Thankfully this means we don't have Giles from Buffy and Nigel Havers acting like right dicks, but instead good looking Hollywood-ites talking a mile to the minute, loads of knowing references to the film industry and men acting, well, like dicks, but this being something that goes with the territory much like being fabulous, rich and beautiful in New York makes being a bit of a slag ok.
Particularly ace is Jeremy Piven as the agent Ari 'you fire a man you make a rival, you fire a woman you make a housewife' Gold. (pictured above with his wonderful weave and that Motorola phone Americans seem to think is the height of cool for some reason)

Thieves Like Us
I was going to say this BBC3 Comedy was the best thing the channel has done since the Smoking Room. The Smoking Room was funny, well observed and had great actors in it, but unfortunately was made in the wake of THE OFFICE domination of british comedy as we know it, so died a terrible death, choked on accusations of copycat-ness.
Thieves Like Us is so far nearly as good, but appears to have The Worst Publicity Photo Ever (as the blonde girl seems to realise) and is on a channel that also broadcasts Man Stroke Woman which is so bad it makes you want to put a boot through your tv, throw it out the window and then scrub yourself in the shower until you can no longer feel feelings. I therefore am reluctant with all out praise, so will have to settle for a gentle hint of an amusing half hour.

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