Thursday, 22 February 2007

*puts glasses on* Blogging, CSI style..

Oh god, this is so funny! I have a deep seated love for CSI - no longer an avid viewer, but if pressed (or if just drunk) I can witter on for hours about the subtle nuances of the franchise...or have a full blown argument about which is best.
*geek alert*
The answer to this debate is obviously CSI:NY btw; it used to be the origional CSI, but that has got more and more outrageous in a desperate attempt to keep the viewers:

Did you see the one where this mad Nazi guy gouged out a girls eye and put a tramp's in its place and then she bit through her wrists to escape and there were these siamese twins cut in half? Yeah, utter bollocks. I was on a plane. No escape from the rabid shark-jumping.

Miami is too flashy and has the most ridiculous one liners (as shown above) and that godawful mortician lady who strokes the corpses whilst over emoting cliches such as 'poor baby, you went before your time'. She's like a weird cross between a soccer mom and a necrophiliac with teeth that look like she is constantly wearing a hockey guard .

There is also an emphasis on personal relationships that goes beyond tedious - Horatio is in love with the sister of that other CSI but she is dying of cancer and he is plagued by the memory of his brother who was crooked and his feelings for his wife blah blah de bloody blah. Give me Gil Grissom and Sara who can barely relate to human beings, let alone have relationships with them.
NY also featues over-acting, but in a far more Steppenwolf manner than Miami's Sunset Beach-style hysteronics. It also has a darker sense of humour. And more fitties.
*geek alert over*

I have recieved much slagging off in the past for my love of American television, and although it was generally mixed in with criticism of my love of television in general (which is deep like the ocean), I do feel this is a little unfair - I don't like American tv per se, I just happen to like GOOD tv. Fact is, Uncle Sam churns out so much more of the stuff, the cream of the crop is
larger and therefore there are more utterly amazing programmes too. Ok, maybe not CSI, but The Shield, ER, Law and Order: Criminal Intent..not to mention this Wire programme which has everyone wetting their pants in joy. Sadly this number does not include me as bloody LoveFilm will not deliver it!

ER is a good case in point, as I watched the Classic British Film 'My Beautiful Launderette' t'other day and followed it up with that episode of ER featuring Forrest Whitaker, which was more brilliant and moving in ten minutes that MBL was in a whole two and a half hours!

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