Sunday, 18 February 2007

There Will Be Breakdancing Near a Vagina, Yes?

Apparently that is the English translation of this J-pop song, which could possibly have the best use of pub toilet features since that video when Dannii Minogue dries her armpits under a hand dryer (I Begin to Wonder, if you must know) It's funny, I would never had made the connection had I not been trying to do a Dannii last night, as it turns out a red fitted shirt is not the best choice of attire to a metal gig at the Bull and Gate. It was made all the worse as there was apparently some school disco shitey night going on at the Forum next door, so I was only a tiny skirt and some bunches short of looking like one of those feckin' eejits whose idea of a great time is to dress up like a twelve year old and act like a 6,000 year old caveman. Urrg, they all looked about fifteen as well, which makes me question why they would want to go wear the clothes they wear five times a week to go and dance to Chesney Hawkes, although I suppose it must be hard to ID when everyone is deliberately looking like a paedophile's wet dream.

Utter twats, non? --->



Chris said...

The sheer fury of it all - it's fabulous.
Outrage. Is. Funny.

Joe said...

That is the best video ever!!!