Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Yes Sir, I Can Krump

Saw this film recently as part of my 3 month free lovefilm binge...It's a funny one, I wouldn't say it was a 'knockout visual miracle' - much as I love David LaChappelle's photos, he is not the best documentary maker - but the story behind it and the people it features were so unbelievable that it could have been filmed by a disabled monkey with asthma and been amazing.

In a nutshell, a man called Tommy starts dressing up as a clown and dancing funny at kids in South Central LA's birthday parties.

As you do.

Something happens when I went to go and make a cup of tea but basically he ended up drawing loads of kids away from gangs by getting them to join his dancing troupes and they create krumping.

They all wear clown makeup and dance these crazy energetic bodypopping dances and hold dance offs, which dispite appearances (man, those clowns love to frown as they krump) are completely non violent and are SAVING LIVES.

Oh wait, maybe the krumpers are the other group of kids who form a rival troupe. Hmmm. Anyway, Tommy the Clown's house gets burgalrized and he ends up in welfare housing and I ended up in tears that life can be so shit to someone who has done nothing but give to others, even if it does involve movements that make me fear for the kids' lower backs and a lot of greasepaint
*gets off soapbox*
On the upside, some of the kids get to be in Madonna videos. God bless that woman, popular culture is truly the vessel she desperately sucks the lifeblood out of, vampire style.

I then tried krumping in my bedroom when the flatmate was out, which was quite fun, except do not do it in just a bra and knickers unless your stomach is totally flat. It was like the film 'The Perfect Storm' only more fleshy. And no tiny George Cloony drowning in my tummy button neither.

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