Saturday, 17 February 2007

Poor the Bald Britney and Bitty Bobo !

Ooh how iconic! Throwing off the shackles of celebrity blah blah blah. Seriously, I think she should go underground, change her name, become a muslim and not be found cold and dead in a pool of vomit with her knickerless torso on view to all in a few weeks time. That would be nice. In other news my hamster, as if sensing the change in Britney's wellbeing also totally flipped out today and shovelled all his bedding to one side of the cage and then ran around like a loony. Poor little mite. Poor little mites. I have since changed his name from Bobo to Iqbalbo in hope that it may stabilise his condition. It worked for Cat Stevens after all.

I really hope this isn't an elaborate hoax, or I will look like a right twat.


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Anonymous said...

poor little fruitloop