Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Sara Silverman : Funnier Than You.

You might remember Sara Silverman, she was the woman at that Secret Policeman's 'comedians do their bit for charidee' Ball thing who ended her sketch with the immortal line
'I hope they find semen in my dead grandmother!'

She is basically as sharp as a barrel of hyperdermic needles, which leads me conveniently on to recommending THIS CLIP (ooh, clever, click on clip to see it etc etc) from her new tv show, which is airing in the states, but will probably never make it to the UK.

If it does it will be stuck on FX along with all the other good stuff that no one watches except for smug tv critics who then rub it in your face... oh! the trials of being one of those channels you can only get if you buy the super-expensive sky package, in which case it comes with 2,000 other viewing opportunities so the chances of getting distracted by fat people crying to some orange talkshow host who can't hide his smirking is raaather high.
Even then it's up in the high numbers surrounded by SKYSPORTS23, FUCK ME TV X, BUYSHIT TV and the like, so chances are you won't find it (or will get further distracted by louche gappy toothed essex ladies in non flame retardant skimpies.)

I see the relationship between tv reviewers and channels like FX a bit like that between good-yet-pretentious as fuck musicians and those guitarists from Malawi (or wherever) who are supposedly amazing.
Fact is, it's only the pretentious twatty musicians who will bother to go to Africa and then probably don't so much like sitting on a log listening to the 8-bar tribal rhythms so much as they like wanking on in interviews about 'the experience and timbre', and dragging the poor feited Malawians over to the UK to parade them around Hampstead like gaudily-shirted ponies. *cough* damon albarn *cough*

I suppose you could say by reviewing loads of FX programmes, that reviewers are encouraging people to watch great tv, but to those of us who can't afford £40 a month on Sky it is like Charlie Brooker and Sam Wollaston riding Dave Chappelle like a giant horse (well, he has the teefs for it) around and around in a circle, corralling us until we are forced to tread in Dave's poopmanure.

Oh, lost my origional point.

Basically this clip that I recommended aaages ago is a sketch about a woman who decides to cheer herself up by having an HIV test, because she knows she's clean. Hence the convienient segeway from talking about needles. Which I should have explained earlier. Along with why I recommended the clip.

Actually, this is all an exercise in structuring.

So I win.

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