Thursday, 19 April 2007

North American Scum

This fat fuck is called 'Big Boy Mark' and has an inane blog which can be found HERE.

I was merely laughing at the corpulent fuck, until I got to his entry on the Virginia Tech Massacre :

"Excuse me, but maybe it’s my instincts, my training, the way I was raised, my desire to live, the strain of whatever idiocy it is that runs thru me that says I will not just roll over and die, I will not surrender and I will not submit, but for the love of God, didn’t ANYONE think of fighting back??"

What was Mark trained as? A human shield? I would say running at a gun-toting madman was almost the same as rolling over and dying, particularly if you are rather rotund and more liable to rolling.

"Did 32 people just say ‘Oh well, he has a gun, I’m guess I’m going to die’?? Did 29 wounded people think, ‘Oh well, he’s shooting us all, I’ll just hide behind a desk and maybe he won’t shoot me again’?? Did no one have the GUTS to RUSH this guy and try to save themselves or their friends?? Apparently not, and for that lack of action, there is no excuse…"

Well it appears no one quite had Big Boy Mark's Guts, that's for sure, thankfully they had guts that could fit behind desks and brains to realise that bum rushing a hale of bullets is suicidal rather than heroic. I think that is actually quite a good excuse, along with the excuse that they were not IDIOTIC LAZY OBESE FUCKTARDS WHO SPEND ALL DAY ON THE SOFA MASTERBATING TO SAVING PRIVATE RYAN. (probably) You know he's sitting there at the computer with cheeto cheese all over his chin and the NRA website on the another window fantasising about saving all those lily-livered coward kids and smoting the evil badguy as one chubby little paw heads south....

"The MSM keeps on referring to the shooter as being heavily armed, well, apparently the MSM has never been to a real gunfight, going to a gunfight with a 9mm pistol and a .22 pistol does NOT qualify as being heavily armed."

Well, if we are going to get all pedantic...the deaths of 32 people is SUCH a good time to discuss the symantics of what 'heavily armed' means.

Really, why spend time critisising the poor people who one minute were taking French lessons, chewing gum and wondering what to have for lunch and the next were fighting for their lives, covered in the blood and brains of their fellow pupils? Why not critisise the authorities who totally failed to evacuate the school/find the shooter/do seemingly anything apart from twiddle their thumbs after the first two people were shot?

I'm so angry I can't even bring myself to laugh at him for being morbidly obsese and the '...what's your excuse' caption.


Anonymous said...

Hey Babe... Thanks for the props!! I love when people talk about me in such a fashion as you did. It goes to show that our world does not revolve around our differences.

I do a podcast also and would love to get your whinny ass on the air to show my subscribers who the stupid fat cunt really is.

Before we go further I must admit that you are like the 90% of the world thinking that if your fat your unhealthy and sit around all day eating. My dearest friend that is sole reason your vision is tunneled as deep as your thoughts.

Many Hugs,
-- --

Kate said...

This man only deserves to be ignored. Now I'm soooo infuriated! I left comments for him too. I'm hoping to forget about this little turd soon. Please never remind me of him again!

Biche said...

I quite like the way he makes the statement 'you are like 90% of the world thinking if [sic] your fat your unhealthy and sit around all day eating.'

yes, that is a statement. It does not follow onto a conclusion. It is merely a statement that I consider to be (on the whole) correct.

But that is clearly Not The Point. Yes, you are fat, and I have a mild distrust of fat people. You are also an ignorant fool who has no empathy or understanding with common man. We can watch countless films where one man rises above a tyranny and faces evil head on. The reality is, that if you were minding your own business and a man man suddenly started shooting at you, you would be shocked and hide. End of. Okay, you could imagine other scenarios, but at the end of the day you can't even being to imagine what those people where going through and YOU CANNOT CRITICIZE THEM YOU STUPID FUCK.

Biche said...

UPDATE: The Big boy has removed the offending post from his blog, along with the other post where he criticized me for criticizing him. So all is peaceful and I can get off my sanctimonious high horse and everyone can get back to their lives. Although I think I may examine my issues with fatties, for I am just turning into my mother.

Steph said...

I would like to add one comment if I may...what about Liviu Librescu? 76 fucking years old, a holocaust survivor, who barricaded the door to his classroom, with HIS OWN BODY and potentially saved the lives of many more students. He deserves a little bit more respect.