Wednesday, 18 April 2007

The Biche Sells Out But Reveals the Cause of Her Baked Bean Phobia

When I was young my Dad had this album and I realise now it was the sight of Roger Daltrey sitting in cold beans with glutenous bean juice and slimy bean fragments all over his chin that did (and still does) make me shudder like a willowtree in a breeze and even want to vom a little.

Goddamn you Who! If it wasn't for you my daily vegtable intake would be far greater on average, and I would probably be super fit and healthy and running the London Marathon and entering Britain's Next Top Model (ssssh! don't ruin the dream) but nooooo! I'm decidedly average in most ways apart from my exceptional ability to go to the gym daily and still get fatter and fatter! (so continuing on an earlier theme, if I tell you you look thin, please hit me around the chubby face with a celery stick or something)

Oh yeah, in other news I am skint-ish, so am thinking of putting adverts on this page and then if you lovely fantastic sexy people click them I get money! (not sure how much or anything really, but the recent spate of birthdays, couple breakdowns and leaving drinks is hitting hard)

I dunno, tis worth a try. If they hideously compromise the Speeches of Biches Ideal, such as if they advertise - par example - guns, cakes, tories, christians, coke zero, I will take them off again, and integrity shall be gloriously regained!

Edit: Yeah I suppose you could say 'integrity has been gloriously regained'. It was more a case of me being retarded and not sure how to collect the meager pence I would have gained from having one small ad for weight loss pills on my site, so figured it wasn't worth the hassle.

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