Friday, 6 April 2007

Sometimes You Just KNOW...

If I was this darling child's mother I would buy him a subscription to Vogue toot sweet...that's what Karl Largerfeld's mother did for him when he was eight and look how he turned out! (ok, rather scary looking, but very succesful and rich and from that I am shallowly guessing happy) I think that would be the most lucrative industry for someone of his pursuasion - well, certainly better paid than a backing dancer for Beyonce, who by the time he is old enough will be about forty herself; no doubt still shaking like paint mixer, albeit a large wobbly one that sheds bits of weave, the odd tooth and false eyelash as she 'dances'.

No, I definitely would not want my child to be a backing dancer for Beyonce, he would be crippled by the age of twenty five and then he would move back home again and I would be like 'goddamn Mani, could you at least do the washing up? I support you all your life and what do I get in return? Stall tickets to a Beyonce concert and a load of pubes in the shower. It isn't good enough. Why can't you be a successful fashion designer like your co-incidentally also gay brother? He's at Dior now, and sends me freebies all the time! I don't care if your lower back is shot - those dishes aren't doing themselves!'

p.s Why we are on the topic of man love; just watched Eddie Murphy: Raw and it sent my usually accurate gaydar into overdrive..I think he must be a bit of a Robbie Williams as the large amounts of children he has sired suggests not a total aversion to womanly pleasures; although I think we can discount Scary Spice as she is
a)not particularly straight herself and
b)looks like a tranny.
(Called their child Fortuna btw...makes me just think of tuna, in particular the smell of tuna, but that might just me and my lack of imagination when it comes to word association)

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