Sunday, 22 April 2007

More North American Scum

Aah, nothing like a nice right-wing american cartoon to fire the blood up on a Sunday afternoon, just a mere two days after convincing yourself that idiots like Big Boy Mark were one-off fuckwits who were in no way representative of the Leaders of the Free World (c)

note: Free World = US and the UK, everyone else is enslaved either to an false prophet or to their sisters who they spend all their time fucking, whilst eating garlic cheese, smoking funny little cigarettes and avoiding war outside bistros of EVIL

It may take a few seconds to work out this cartoon, I certainly stared at it with the kind of confused anger usually shown on the face of someone who has just come home to find their husband boffing their pet dog (I imagine)

I think my dear friend Acrobat put it most simply:

"cos school shooting s are EXACTLY THE SAME as abortions"

At the end of the day it's hard to get too angry however... I mean, these people who believe in critisizing murdered teenagers, bombing abortion clinics and hating arabs are on the whole the same people who believe in hell. Therefore even if I am wrong and our conciousnesses do not die with our physical bodies, it means they won't be in for a big suprise.

kudos to Acrobat for the cartoon (pointing out of, not drawing of, I hasten to add)

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