Sunday, 29 April 2007

100th Blog Entry - I Can't Believe it's on Rihanna

This song by Rihanna is very good! (jesus, things you think you would never say...) Now I am not usually a fan of dancehall-lite 'if I dress in no clothes and shake my arse till my lower back goes it's called empowerment' style music, but something about this song, especially the version without Jay Z rambling on in the background like a gangsta with Alzheimers, is really good! Actually, I know what it is, it's the 'ela, ela, ela, eh, eeh, eeh' bit.

There is a video, but it's bobbins and features the senile ramblings, so instead you can make do with this nice photo of Rihanna aptly demonstrating how not to use an umbrella and so casting into doubt the claim that to 'stand under my umbrella' would be as advantageous as she seems to think.

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Kate said...

Love it! There's something classically pop about it...can't put my finger on it - could indeed be the ela ela eh eh eh bit, which is a work of genius. I've recently been obsessed with "Because of You" by Ne-Yo. Not my usual thing, but the bit when tries to fit a lot of words in a few bars is great...I love cheese.