Thursday, 24 January 2008

A Sad Indictment of 21st Century Life

Yesterday my friend was mugged by two men who stamped on her face and attempted to steal her bag and phone. They failed on both counts, but she was left severely bruised and with a broken nose. She staggered to the local gym, where they called the police and me, as I live around the corner.

When I rush down to the YMCA about five minutes later, I find my friend giving her statement to the police..and being filmed.

'Err... why is there a camera?' I asked as I helped to calm her down and wipe blood off her face.
'Is this some new police thing?'
'Oh, we're being filmed for a reality tv series' the policeman taking the statement said, like it was the most natural thing in the world.
'You can have your face blurred if you want..'
Ignoring him I turned to my friend, who was still pretty hysterical but slowly starting to make sense.
'Did you agree to this?' I asked
'Dunno, I didn't really ask why.' was her dazed reply.

Disapproving, but too distracted to really kick up a fuss about exploitation and release forms, I steadily ignored them hovering as I wiped blood, called family and waited for the ambulance.

And waited.

And waited.

About half an hour later my friend was still bleeding quite badly and the ambulance hadn't come.
'Can we not get a lift in your car?' I asked the policeman
'Err no, there are four of us, so plus you two there wouldn't be room.'
*ten minutes pass*
'Well, could you not leave the camera crew here, give us a lift and then come back and collect them? I think some things can be left undocumented'
'Errrm I'm not sure.'
*Look of Death from Biche*
*whispered discussion between coppers and cameras*
'Yes, yep we can do that, please make your way to the car'

I wonder if that part will make it onto the tellybox...

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