Monday, 28 January 2008

"I say Roger, shall we petition after tea?"

This morning I receieved an email asking me to sign an official government endorsed petition for an extra bank holiday in November - 'Rememberance Monday' if you will.
I actually thought it was quite a good idea, partially because I am lazy and wish to suppliment my 'massive' 24 days holiday allowance, and partially because I think it is a good idea.
By sheer co-incidence I happened to be reading Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks around November last year, and by another possibly less coincidence lead action I was severely hungover on Rememberance Sunday, so ended up watching an entire day of themed programmes on TV.

This lead me to several conclusions: mainly that people today don't know they are born, also that much as I oppose the current wars in the Middle East, the British troops who are out there being maimed and abused for very little pay should be given more respect, and finally that more should be done to remember those who died horrible unneccesary deaths.

But anyway. If you even faintly agree with me on the above, or are more likely already planning a little November city break, the petition you can sign is HERE

On a lighthearted note, I had a noodle around the petitions website, and found some fantastic little causes...

Now bear in mind, the above have actually been approved for petition... for some strange reason the below list was denied:
  • Give Freedom to Tooting

  • Stop Torturing Me by the Electromagnetic Microwave Weapon

  • Have A Sponsored Pole Vaulting Festival
  • Ban Broccoli as an Edible Foodstuff and Reclassify it as a Toxic Substance

  • Persuade Graham Coxon to Rejoin Blur

  • Send James Hedley to Outer Mongolia Until He Has Recovered from the Plague

I love it, the mere action of petitioning - let alone all the petitions above - from the pedantic to the pisstake are SO British it makes me a little warm inside.

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