Monday, 23 July 2007

Well I guess it's not MY taxes paying for this

Actually I think this film has made me like the US Navy at lest 100000000 times more than before. But then they aren't wasting my money or killing my family, so I guess that actually makes me a bit biased.

Nah, I think, as demonstrated by the Philippino prisioners, there is always room for a nice bit of miming and mugging in the workplace. I'm just bitter because no one at work has twigged that by coming in every day dressed up an airhostess I'm not the cleaner and that I actually want to start an impromtu rendition of Flying the Flag by Scootch. Or Toxic by Britney. Hell! Even Woah We are Going to Ibiza by the Vegaboys. I'm not fussy. But I won't empty your overflowing bin.

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