Friday, 6 July 2007

Peter Doherty - he writes for the people

Hilarious amazon reviews of Pete Doherty's latest literary excretion

Shamelessly nicked from Holy Moly, after all my ranting and raging, it is stuff like this that restores my faith in the Great British Public.

"Yeah, right. What a lazy, good-for-nothing scumbag Pete Doherty is. A disgrace to the youth of today. A boy so devoid of charisma, I heard he woke up this morning and saw his name on a loaf of bread but when he looked again he saw it read 'Thick Cut'. "

"The Books of Albion is a harrowing tale, capturing the adventure of a group of noble wood elves and and a cheeky ork as they try to bring down the evil Wizard Of Albion and find themselves in a enchanting journey through mystical lands. Oh hang on, this is the one about that smackhead off the tv, isn't it? "

"what i object to is the worn out and recycled comment that pete doherty fans persist in spewing, namely that he is a 'poet' or a 'genius'. i myself see more 'poetry'and 'genius' in the foul ordure contained in my nephew's nappy each time it is changed. if you can name me one piece of 'genius' that this piddle stained pleb has written, be it song, poem or book i will eat my own head. "

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