Monday, 5 May 2008

Amusing Headlines

Giant Bee Attacks Three - my brother told me this 1.25 inch terror. I guess it is from some local Nottingham rag. If anyone now nicks this headline as a band name I WILL expect royalties.

Mile High Mandy got Randy on Brandy - my personal favorite, it was from the Sun when some woman shagged a stranger on a BA flight.

'118 Wife' to Run Marathon - This exclusive from the Hornsey Journal revealed that the wife of one of the men in the 118 advert was running the London Marathon. She confirmed that although he was supporting her, he was not going to turn up in costume to do so.

Between a Rock and a Beard Face - apparently the Sun's take on the Northern Rock Crisis, when Brandson was considering buying it.

Wham Bam Flash in the Pan - George Michael gets arrested for exposing his bits in a public loo

Chuck a Khan - Hugh Grant splits with Jemima Khan

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