Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Why North London is Nice - Londis of the Gods

Now kudos to this Londis (Ferme Park Road for those who know or care) I went in the other day and counted FIVE different types of taramasalata and FOUR different types of Houmous. Not to mention the vast sections of veggie food, hundreds of different jams and breads with every concievable seed/grain/healthy crap in them.

Basically despite being outside Crouch End technically it is the most horrendeously typical Crouch End shop ever, but then so what? I like having to spend half an hour debating over types of felafel and humming over cheese with my fellow 'Enders!

What is quite funny is that although it is so very very Crouch, it has this delightful shopfront. Scotch Egg? Scotch Egg?! That is the lunch of a National Express driver, ('eh, if i put it on a little plate with crisps see, it's a proper meal.') not a polenta eating Crouch Ender who has existential crises over olives! I do quite like how it looks like a little face, and can only assume that whoever made the decision thought that too..tis harder to make a smiley face out of houmous after all.

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