Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Virtual Biche!

Look! It's me (albeit a possibly quite svelte me with oddly red hair) It's from the Hennes website...

That's all really, watching the repeat of the Apprentice which is stressing me out even though I already saw it last week. It's slightly weird watching it now because all the besuited chumps are only a few years older than me and my dear friends, none of whom as far as I know talk about 'business levels' 'proactivity' or wear cheap suits.

A year ago it all seemed so alien, but already the talks of salaries, work and whatnot are however quite familiar, so perhaps this is the future! Perhaps in three years time we will all be synergising and profit margining! In nasty suits! Whilst shouting into Blackberries!

Still, virtual Biche will always be the same, oh yes, virtual Biche in her skinny jeans and slightly unflattering top that is usually only worn to the gym...she will never change!

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