Thursday, 18 December 2008

Bizarre Bus Adverts We Have Seen

But what does it mean? Will you having a smear somehow save the life of this be-goatied Adonis? Perhaps the message is that transgender women should be aware! You too can get cervical cancer even if you have cut off your boobs and developed a taste for green woolly jumpers! Maybe they think young liberated women will only look at an advert if it has a fit man slapped all over it...

Or are they just implying that fit men from Southern Europe are Chalmydia Marys who will ply you with ouzo and let you run your fingers through their gleaming locks before having their wicked way, leaving you alone the next day with a hangover, V05 under your nails and a minor-yet-bad-if-left-untreated STI ?

It is most perplexing, but I take comfort in the thought that a 'Joey from Friends' storyline has become a reality.

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Duncan said...

Only today I saw that same advert and for a brief second wondered if maybe I'd been confused about the what a cervix was! Then I wondered if there was such a thing as a male cervix, and, if so, was I in some kind of danger. Why hadn't I been warned earlier that I needed to be screened ?!
Hangover still fresh all this thought of dangerous cervixs quickly made me feel ill and I returned to staring blankly into middle distance avoiding the stares of other like minded passengers.