Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Random Wikipedia Factoid of the Day

"Erica attended Robert Fulton Junior High in Van Nuys, California. During her teenage years, Eleniak became a regular on the San Fernando Valley party circuit and she began to use alcohol and drugs regularly.[2] Steve Ferguson, a quadriplegic who socialised in the same circles as Eleniak, helped curtail her problem by introducing her to Alcoholics Anonymous in 1988 and helping her through her detoxification.[3] Eleniak dated Ferguson for a while and there was talk of an engagement, but the relationship ended and her mother, Iris, ended up marrying Ferguson's father instead.[4]"


Sorry, I have been really crap on the ole blog of real excuses, just feels as if my brain has turned into a wheezing moribund bit of roadkill. Keep checking though, one day soon I will write something so inspired it will blow your socks off and people will quote it for years to come, causing 'Biche' to go down in history as an adjective for 'something really ace'

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